Bardot Then and Now

This is the Bridget Bardot we all remember from 1965 – the originator of the pouty look before injections and inserts.

In 1973 just before her fortieth birthday Bardot announced her retirement so she could spend more time as an animal rights activist. The former actress is well known for her protests against the Canadian government’s approval of clubbing baby harp seals to death.

In 1986 she established the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals and raised three million French francs to fund the foundation by auctioning off many of her personal belongings. Today she is one of the world’s most influential animal rights activists.

Today Bardot is fighting the French government on two fronts. She has an ongoing petition urging the government to to stop fishermen on the French-controlled, Reunion Island to stop using live dogs and cats as shark bait.

In 2004 she was convicted of inciting racial hatred and ordered to pay $6,000 — the fourth fine since 1997, for remarks in her book “A Scream in the Silence.” In the book, she laments the “Islamization of France” and the “underground and dangerous infiltration of Islam.”

France’s 5-million-member Muslim community is the largest in Europe.

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