Trick or Treat
It’s almost time for the little ghosts and goblins to go from house to house gathering loot.

In the old days when kids threatened a trick unless they got a treat, they meant it.

My late grandmother, who was from Poland, use to tell us stories about some of the mischief the kids did back then. There was a mean, old farmer the kids didn’t like so one Halloween night they took the farmer’s horse buggy and hoisted it up on top of the barn! Whoah!

Thank goodness we don’t have such mischievous kids in our neighborhood. Around here the parents usually go along with the the kids – even the older ones. Everyone knows each other so it’s like a great block party.

Hope you enjoy the holiday. In the meantime, enjoy the best Halloween song ever!

Edvard Grieg – In The Hall of the Mountain King performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: