Summer is Here

Time for the Del Mar Fair

Once you pass through the gates, into the fairgrounds, all sense of healthy eating disappears. This is deep-fried food heaven. Forget the animals, the exhibits, the rides, the entertainment. It’s time to eat!

Some of the tasty, and not-so-tasty items, in addition to the usual deep-fried zucchini, calamari and twinkies, include:

Deep-fried Snickers
Deep-fried Spam
Deep-fried White Castle Burgers
Deep-fried avacados
Deep-fried Oreos
Deep-fried frog legs
Deep-fried macaroni & cheese on a stick
Deep-fried, battered olives on a stick
Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich – a chicken patty with cheese inside of a glazed doughnut

Deep-fried Coke – a cup of frozen Coke syrup dipped in batter, fried, and topped with whipped cream and a cherry – YUM!