The Florence Cassez Affair

florence-cassezThe slim redhead from northern France met the handsome Mexican while worked as a VIP hostess at a swank Mexico City hotel. Florence Cassez helped her boyfriend, Isreal Vallarta Cisneros, obtain detailed financial analysis of wealthy victims then tracked their movements closely for months. As part of a group called The Zodiacs, the two were involved in kidnapping and extortion of the victims. They would keep them at a remote site for months while extracting steady streams of money from the families. Some of the victims included children. There were also charges of rape and torture of one young girl. Cassez maintains she is innocent — she didn’t know that she was dating a kidnapper. Yeah, right. The woman recently had her 90 year sentence reduced to only 60 years. Not a good life in a Mexican jail.

French President Sarkozy and his wife are in Mexico this week to discuss the upcoming G-20 summit and have asked Mexican President Calderon to allow Cassez to return to France to finish her sentence in her home country.

Here’s the late, great Warren Zevon singing Lawyers, Guns and Money: