Frank & Ava


Original caption: 8/21/1951-Reno, NV: Sporting a mustache and a smile, crooner Frank Sinatra tells reporters, "I think you can safely say we will be married," as actress Ava Gardner, the gal in question, beams her approval in Reno's Riverside Casino, where Sinatra is appearing while establishing a Nevada residence. The Bobby-Soxers' idol is filing a divorce action against his wife, Nancy.

Marriage – Hollywood Style
Ava Gardner and  Frank Sinatra first met in 1949 when were both guests at the Palm Springs home of Darryl F. Zanuck. It was love (and lust) at first sight. The love affair between the two was doomed from the start. Frank was hard drinking, obnoxious and still married when they met. Ava was notorious for boozing, swearing and taking her pick of men. Asked by a reporter, at the time, what she saw in Sinatra – a 119lb has-been – she replied demurely that 19lb of it was c- -k. Who knew?

Okay, time for a song.

This is a great performance by Frank
with Antonio Carlos Jobim: