California Cars

2009 Ford Mustang GT California Special

California and cars. They just sort of go together – like peanut butter & jelly, salt & pepper, Sonny & Cher. That may not be the case in the not-too-distant future. California legislators have already taken away our black paint. The Chinese have bought up all our unsold SUV’s. And now Washington has told us that all our new cars will look like Priuses! Agh!

Yesterday I saw a young man who was driving a beautiful black Mustang Cobra on the freeway. The unmistakable sound of the engine caught my attention before I actually saw the car. Traffic was light and he was keeping up with traffic in the middle lane. I thought to myself, if I were driving that car I would open it up in the fast lane and drive like the wind. No sooner had I thought it, he did exactly that! You could see he was really enjoying his new car. Enjoy it while you can, young man. That little Mustang is going away just like the real ones.

Mustang Sally by The Commitments: