Pansy Ho in Las Vegas


The Ho Dynasty
Stanley Ho is the undisputed gambling czar of Asia . He has turned the Chinese Peninsula of Macau into a clone of Las Vegas. In 2002, when the former Portuguese territory went back under Chinese rule, Ho had to deal with competition for the first time in 40 years. 2 major American players in the gaming industry didn’t waste any time getting into Macau. Las Vegas Sands and Steve Wynn. Ho decided to partner with MGM in the U.S. because the top money-making casinos are in Atlantic City.

Because of his ties to the Chinese triads, Stanley Ho cannot have any ownership in U.S. casinos. No problem. Stanley got his daughter, Pansy, to team up with MGM Grand. The Las Vegas gaming commission vetted her after she told them her dad wouldn’t be involved in her business venture. Haha. They believed her (or were paid off) and she became a partner. The gaming commission in Atlantic City still hasn’t approved Pansy. That creates a problem for MGM. If they don’t get her approved, they don’t get to set up shop in Macau. The only other way they can get into Macua is to buy Ho out. The Macau market is growing and will soon be larger than the U.S. market, so they will have to decide soon or lose billions.

Viva Las Vegas
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