Frank Sinatra


The Movie
By now, everyone know Martin Scorsese is making a film about Frank Sinatra. If we go by Scorsese’s previous work, the film will twist toward the dark side. Just what we need right now – more dark, depressing entertainment. As far as Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank, I’m sure he can pull it off.

Too bad a different film maker didn’t take on the project. Frank Sinatra is the true story of the “come back kid.” Sure, we know he was a womanizer, drinker, etc., but he paid a price for all that when his career and personal life tanked. The real story is how he rose to become the icon we all remember him as. It’s a very inspiring story – something we could use right now.

Harry Connick Jr. would be a natural to play Frank. He’s a singer who can act – just like Frank.

Watch Harry Connick Jr. sing For Once in My Life: