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Viva Las Vegas
The chemistry between Elvis and Ann-Margret was apparently real during the filming of the Viva Las Vegas. They allegedly began an affair which received considerable attention from gossip columnists. In her 1985 book, Elvis and Me, Priscilla Presley described the difficulties she experienced when the press announced that Ann-Margret and Elvis were engaged to be married.

However, there may have been other reasons for the great publicity campaign about the romance between Elvis and Ann-Margret during the filming and the weeks following the wrap party.

Ann-Margret’s press agent, Joshua Gamson, said that his client could initially “have been “sold … as anything”; She was a new product. We felt there was a need in The Industry for a female Elvis Presley.”

They are both “one of a kind.”

Enjoy Elvis and Ann-Margret – C’mon Everybody: