Time to Get Fit

Snapshot 2009

It’s that time again — time to get fit! A few weeks ago I got a letter from Sharp Hospital about a series of preventive vascular screening tests they offer which are not normally covered by insurance. The tests take about an hour and they do ultrasounds on the carotid arteries and the leg arteries, measure body fat (ugh!) test for all the cholesterols, etc. The results came back: Lose 14 pounds and lower the triglycerides. Time to set up my new fitness routine!

First, I had to clear off the elliptical, since I was using it to dry my lingerie. Next, I had to find some exercise music. I found several 10 minute disco workout videos on YouTube and viola! I now have a new exercise CD.

The 70’s and 80’s music is best. The newer music is too fast. Here’s a 10 minute megamix you might enjoy: