New 787 to Take Flight December 15
After 5 postponements in 2 years, Boeing is finally going to take their new baby into the air.

The plane is made mostly of lightweight composite materials, so it will be fuel efficient and have lower emissions than older airplanes.

Boeing outsourced the building of the 787 and relied on suppliers all around the world to build huge sections of the plane. That approach proved problematic. Ill-fitting parts forced the need to reinforce weak points where the wings attach to the fuselage. Oye.

Also, the FAA had concerns about a serious security vulnerability in its onboard computer networks that could allow passengers to access the plane’s control systems.  A terrorists wet dream. Let’s hope they spent the money to have a separate network for passengers – not just a software challenge for hackers.

I usually can’t wait to fly in a new plane. Not so much with this one.

Enjoy Tom Petty singing Learning to Fly with Stevie Nicks in all her wonderful weirdness:

I’m learning to fly,
but I ain’t got wings