Driving L.A.

Mulholland Drive
Growing up in the San Fernando Valley we always took Mulholland Drive as a shortcut to get to Laurel or Coldwater Canyons into the city. The 2 lane road runs along the crest of the Santa Monica Mountains and at night the views of the valley on the north side are spectacular. On the south side you have views of the city.

The Hook
Who can forget the story about the hook? When we were teenagers we were told not to ‘park’ up on Mulholland – it wasn’t safe. As the story goes, a couple of teenagers were parked at the lookout point enjoying the lights of the valley below. The teens were smooching up a storm when the girl heard a noise outside the car. The couple decided to leave and when they got home and got out of the car, there was a hook – the Captain Hook type, on the door handle! I don’t know how many kids that story kept from parking up there, but it sure scared the heck out of me.

Before the 80’s, if you had a sports car, driving through the hills and canyons was a rush. Nowadays there is too much traffic to put the peddle to the metal. Probably the reason we don’t hear about cars going off the cliffs anymore.

In an attempt to re-create the early morning race through the streets of Paris in Claude Lelouche’s film, Rendezvous, Jay Leno takes his AMG out early one morning and does the circuit from the valley to the strip and back back. The video is from Wired. Enjoy a drive on Mulholland in the morning. Click on photo of car:

Photo of the valley by Peter Bennett