Come fly With Me

When Flying was Fun
Remember when half the fun of travel was getting there? Most of us can still remember when people actually dressed up to get on a plane. Food was served on china plates – even in coach, and the flight attendants – stewardesses, were young and good looking. The changes started long before 9-11. It was gradual, but things started going downhill with discrimination lawsuits. Political correctness began taking control and the first noticeable change came with the age lawsuits. By the mid 1980’s, half the flight attendants were sharing pictures of their grandchildren! The sex discrimination really wasn’t a big deal. The hiring of male flight attendants was really a non-event. Female pilots, again, no big thing.

The latest challenge to the status quo came about last year when Delta and Northwest merged. In a little reported issue, there has been much deliberation going on regarding flight attendant’s uniforms. Delta hired designer Richard Tyler to redesign its attendants uniforms, which debuted 2006.

Richard Tyler’s designs have graced many Hollywood stars, including Julia Roberts, Heather Locklear and Jamie Lee Curtis. His designs for Delta promised a classier — and in some cases, sexier — look for flight attendants, airport agents and other workers.” The collection includes a navy blue pant suit and the signature red dress. So what’s the problems, you ask?

Size Matters
The navy blue pant suits are provided up to size 28. The red dresses are provided up to size 18.

The AFL-CIO CWA said the dresses had to be offered up to size 28. The union says it’s discriminatory if they don’t allow larger sized women to wear any uniform available. The airline and the union are in mediation.

Time to enjoy Michael Buble’s version of Come fly With Me:

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  1. I wish I remembered when flying was fun. Seems like it used to be so high classed. Anyway, I love the song you picked. No Frank Sinatra though?

    ~ C.H.
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