“Framing” is a word that has been used in politics for several years now. We used to call it ‘spin.’  With Obama’s upcoming first State of the Union Address, political analysts will be looking to see how Team Obama is going to ‘re-frame’ the President’s message for the next year.

From policy debates to advertising on the campaign trail, today’s politicians and political groups devote a great deal of attention and care as to how their messages are conveyed. They carefully choose which issues to emphasize and how to present those issues in the hope of affecting the opinions and evaluations of their target audience.

A perfect example of framing is the way Jackie Kennedy, in a well thought out narrative for an interview with Life Magazine reporter Theodore White, created the Kennedy myth using the lines from the broadway musical Camelot. “For one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot. And it will never be that way again.”

Read about the interview here.

Richard Harris from 1967 movie version of Camelot: