Sex Sells

What’s With the Tubs?
You’ve seen those commercials. A middle-aged man and woman each in their own tub sitting on an overlook. They reach out and take each other’s hand. It’s supposed to conjure up images of sex. It reminds me of the early black and white TV shows where the husband and wife slept in twin beds. Who, at Grey Worldwide, came up with this idea, anyway? It must be someone under 25 who can’t imagine old people getting it on. Yeah, I used to be one of those people who couldn’t – no, wouldn’t think that their parents actually ‘did it.’ Blehh!

Tubs are Dangerous
Statistics show that more elderly people die from falls getting in and out of the tub than any other type of fall. Other than the danger, the imagine of a saggy-skinned old guy covered in goose bumps with severe shrinkage, struggling to get out of the cold water is not pretty.

Enjoy Jack Black singing Let’s Get it On