Birthdays Continue

Characteristics of Those Born in February
By Dr. Turi

You are blessed with curious stars and you are attracted to science, research, electronics, psychology, the police force and Astropsychology to name a few.

Aquarius rules aeronautics, avionics, television, the Internet and advanced computers. The option to reach fame and fortune is a high probability during the course of your life if you service the world in an advanced and original way.

Strong and fixed, you have inherited from the stars an accurate intuition, a tremendous common sense, ingeniousness, and a powerful will. Yet you must learn to listen to others and participate in conversations with equality.

Your idealistic views are legendary and your mission is to promote Universal knowledge and Universal Brotherhood. You will benefit from the opportunity to use the latest technological arsenals to fulfill your unselfish wishes for mankind.

The women of this sign are original, independent, beautiful, intellectual, and make good use of their incredible magnetic sexuality to reach their purposes. As a rule, women born in February produce extraordinarily intelligent children or twins.

You are strongly advised not to eat when upset. The medical aspect of Divine Astrology predisposes those born in February to overly sensitive stomachs.

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