Old Rockers

Fleetwood Mac

According to Associated Content, rock and roll concerts have changed. There are really only a handful of acts, mostly older, at this point that can sell out large stadiums on their own. U2, Bruce Springsteen and maybe the Rolling Stones are the only bands that can still draw huge crowds.

When Fleetwood Mac hits the tour circuit, tickets sell out quickly. If they decide to team up with one of the other big name bands this summer, it will be the big daddy of all concerts.

Of course, the 300 pound gorilla in the room is the age of the band and their fan bases. While the band has fans across the age spectrum, the average age is well into the baby boomer range. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see sixty to seventy thousand greying (or greyed) baby boomers packing football stadiums rocking along one last time to the bands of their youth.

Enjoy Fleetwood Mac’s fantastic, The Dance. At the time this video was made – 1997, you can still see the intensity between Stevie and Lindsey: