I Want Candy

Remembrance of Candy Bars Past
The Wall St. Journal recently had an article about candy bars from the past. Funny how food kicks off memories of days gone by. Valomilk was my favorite candy bar from the student store at Birmingham High School. Actually the love affair with Valomilk started in Jr. High.

Most of us went to Birmingham for 6 years before they changed the name of the jr. high to Patrick Henry. Then, because of political correctness, they changed the name of our beloved mascot – the Birmingham Brave to (gag me) the Patriot. Ugh!

Anyway, there are places locally where they still sell Valomilk – Whole Foods and Cracker Barrel Restaurants.

Now that you know more than you ever wanted to about retro candy bars, enjoy Christina Aguilera’s – Candyman: