From Ukraine with Love

What’s Next for Yulia?
Yulia Tymoshenko has lost her bid for the presidency of Ukraine. She was the former Prime Minister and lost in a runoff election against Viktor Yanukovych.

Not to worry, though, Yulia is not only quite wealthy, but quite well connected. During Russia’s Perestroika she made out like a bandit – literally.

The Gas Queen
During the late 80’s, the Soviet Union began allowing private ownership of businesses. Those with government jobs in certain industries were able to take over those businesses for a fraction of their value. Tymoshenko, at the time, was working in the oil and gas industry in Ukraine. t wasn’t long before she became one of the riches people in the country. Because of her newly found fortune, she decided to start her own political party and then became a politician!

It helps that Yulia has Vladimar Putin in her corner. When she was Prime Minister under Viktor Yuscchenko, she wanted Ukraine to align with Russia. Yuscchenko wanted to join the EU and align with the west. Rumors still persist that Putin had something to do with the poisoning that disfigured Yuscchenko’s face.

Anyway, Yulia would make a perfect antagonist for James Bond, don’tcha think? The last Bond movie that took the spy to Russia was GoldenEye. Enjoy Tina singing the title song:

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  1. Hi Marina,
    Saw your blog. Just want you to know that there are other people in the world who care about what goes on in Ukraine. Stay strong.

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