Antonio Banderas

Goodwill Ambassador
Antonio Banderas, our favorite Spaniard, is the latest actor to become a goodwill ambassador for the UN.

In his latest role, Banderas will advocate for the poor in Africa and Latin America to push for the completion of the Millennium Development Goals of the UN.

Under the auspices of eliminating poverty, the UN has a target date of 2015 to complete their goal of implementing a world tax – paid to them, of course.

Clueless celebrities get strokes for what they think is doing good for the poor of the world, while acting as mouthpieces for a disgustingly corrupt entity that has become very powerful while few have noticed.

The non-government organization has allowed third world countries to form voting blocks which are now larger than the industrialized countries. Just another way to funnel money to corrupt leaders who live lives of extreme luxury while their people starve. That’s after they people who run the UN skim their share off the top.

Anyway, Antonio did a movie called Take the Lead – about a teacher who works in an inner-city school and uses the dance to teach the troubled kids about pride and self-esteem.

A cute scene when the students see their teacher and his partner do the tango for the first time: