Who’s Your Daddy?

Mac Daddy vs Mack Daddy
Living in the geek world for more than 20 years, like most of my associates, I assume everyone uses nicknames and acronyms related to computers. Over the years, I’ve sort of considered myself a Mac Mama – when in 1989, I turned in my Commodore 64 for a Macintosh CX.  Woo hoo!

Anyway, when I saw the video of Pastor Manning referring to Obama as a ‘long-legged mack daddy’ I realized it wasn’t because he uses a Mac. So, I went to the Urban Dictionary and – whoah! Here’s what the reverend meant:

From the Urban Dictionary:
Mack Daddy
ultra pimp.
5 girls in one night?! You’re the mack daddy!

mack daddy
A pimpalicous man who gets anything he wants (ie, sex, money, clothing, cars etc).
Dawg!! did you see that pimpalicous mack daddy ova therr??? He’s da man!!!

Mack Daddy
Mack Daddy- A Male of superior looks. A player of players. A romantic lady killer. One of many model looking girlfriends. Comes from old American dating back to early High School days of 1990’s.

Enjoy Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron dance the ‘sluefoot’ in the 1955 movie, Daddy Long Legs.