Full Moon on the Bay

Cruising San Diego
Now that we are getting closer to tourist season, we’ve been enjoying getting out and about before the crowds descend on San Diego. The weather was great yesterday so we decided to take my dad and brother on a 2 hour cruise on the bay.
When we got out near the breakwater,  I had to adjust my camera so I could take a nice shot of the skyline. In the meantime a sailboat pulled up alongside our cruiser and one of the woman on the sailboat dropped her drawers and mooned everyone on the starboard side of our boat. I didn’t see the event. Anyway, the captain of the boat/ship said that bare bottoms are nothing compared to what they see during the summer months! Yikes!

My dad said if he had known women did that kind of thing, he would have taken the cruise a lot sooner!

Since we have a ‘moon’ theme going here, and we’ll have a full moon in 2 days, enjoy Sting and the Police performing Walking on the Moon: