Summer Fun

The San Diego County Fair
The county fair opens on Friday. The name officially changed to San Diego County Fair a few years ago, but everyone still calls it the Del Mar Fair.

The theme this year is – FOOD! What a surprise. They will still have funnel cakes and fried – whatever, but this year there will be ‘healthy food’ also. I dunno, as long as you stay away from the deep fried Klondike bars and pop tarts the food isn’t too bad.

The entertainment this year has some of our favorite old rockers performing: Sammy Hagar, KC and the Sunshine band, and that really old sort of rocker – Julio Iglesias! Woo hoo! And no fair would be complete without the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ tribute. In fact, they are currently casting for zombies to perform in the classic dance.

Anyway, Bruce Springsteen’s great song,  Tunnel of Love always reminds me of the fair. Hope you enjoy it:

‘Fat man sitting on a little stool
Takes the money from my hand while his eyes take a walk all over you’