Remembering Governor Moonbeam

Jerry Brown
From 1975 to 1983 Jerry Brown was the governor of California. At the time, he was the youngest governor in the state’s history. We also remember his relationship with rock and roller, Linda Ronstadt. Linda is still one of Browns greatest supporters.

Brown’s public image was always that of the former jesuit. His associations with radicals were kept out of the limelight. Code Pink’s, Jody Evans*, along with Nancy Pelosi, worked for Brown from 1973 to 1982 and Evans even held a cabinet post as Governor Brown’s Director of Administration. When Brown ran for president – for the third time, in 1991 Evans ran his campaign.

California is now bankrupt and the main cause is directly related to Brown. As governor, Brown signed the legislation that allowed unions to organize public employees.  As payback for handing Brown the votes he needed to win, the unions were given a cash cow – government employees mandated to pay union dues – whether they want to or not. The unions now use that money to put their hand-picked candidates in office. If 51% of the state’s workforce is unionized, you have lost your vote.

Anyway, enjoy Tumblin’ Dice by the great Linda Ronstadt:

Linda and Jerry Today