First Day of Summer

Party Time at Stonehenge
Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2010 – Monday June 21 4:45A
Druids, wiccans and party animals will be heading to Stonehenge to bring in the first day of summer. Last year 36,000 people gathered on the Salisbury Plain to watch the sun rise. In 2009 there was a strong police presence with horses, drug sniffing dogs and an unmanned drone.

From the Times:
In normal circumstances it is not permitted to approach within spitting distance of the stones,
but at solstice, the barriers come down. By 3am, the inner circle was so tightly packed that
people could be seen struggling to lift their beer cans to their lips.

The most recent weather report for Salisbury calls for sunshine and 68°F (19°C) on Sunday with clouds on Monday, but a bit warmer at 71°F (19°C). Perfect party weather!

While our friends in England and San Diego will be wearing sweaters to celebrate, our friends in the south will have warm weather and non-stop sunshine.

Enjoy “Summer Nights” – Rascal Flatts