The L.A. River
Obama appointed EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson on Wednesday declared the entire concrete-lined Los Angeles River channel “traditional navigable waters.” We want the L.A. River to demonstrate how urban waterways across the country can serve as assets in building stronger neighborhoods, attracting new businesses and creating new jobs.”

Lisa is from the east coast. What the hell does she know about the ‘navigable water’ that runs through L.A.  For those of us who grew up in L.A. the word “river” was used as a joke. It’s a concrete storm drain, for crying out loud. In the summer you can walk across it. In the winter rainy season, the runoff from the mountains turns the flood channel into a dangerous, fast-moving waterway that people have died in. As far as navigable, as kids, we used to try to make little rafts to float down the channel, but never made it more than a few yards because there just wasn’t enough water in it during the summer.

Of course, we have yet, another bureaucrat with utopian dreams who wants to spend taxpayer dollars to make over the storm drain the way she thinks it should be.

Ya’ know, the drain does the job it was built for. I’m sure all the tax dollars it would take to change the L.A. river could be used for far more important projects.

In the meantime, enjoy Al Green – Take Me to the River: