Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival
This weekend the Chinese government has given it’s blessing for the 8th annual event that features activities ranging from talks on birth control, condom use, sex toys, photographs on sexual health and eugenics, forums on sexology and quizzes, as well as the most popular event – the lingerie runway show.

Almost as popular, is the official government sex education exhibit which is a video screened out of the back of a white van that shows the correct way to have sex. Isn’t that called “porn?”

According to a Chinese news agency, the festival is held to improve sexual knowledge and awareness of safe sex. In the weeks leading up to the festival, sexologists give lectures to middle school and college students on healthy sex practices. Too bad the students can’t attend the festival.

The first few years of the festival, children were allowed to attend and the festival was free. Now all attendees must be over 21 and there is a steep charge for entry. From all the newspaper photos from the event, it looks like 99% of the attendees are men.

You have to wonder what the Chinese government is thinking. With the shortage of women in the country, they are already concerned that Chinese men will have issues with sex in the coming decade. What appears to be a sleazy sex toy store can’t be a good thing for young men who will be living in a country with a shortage of women.

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