California Autumn









The Rainy Season
There is only one problem with living in Southern California – the weather is almost always good. That’s fine if you can be outdoors all the time. But there are certain things we have to do indoors – like clean the house. We are having Thanksgiving dinner here, so I have been busy shopping, cleaning and re-arranging.

The weather report said it was going to get down into the 40’s tonight. Whoa! Time to get out the BIG blankets. The rain has been on and off, not too heavy but enough to keep the dogs from wanting to go outside. Perish the thought they should get their feet wet.

Thanksgiving Day is supposed to be dry and sunny so we might get to enjoy our feast out on the patio. We have a lot to be thankful for and we wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In the meantime enjoy Eric Clapton – Let It Rain:

Photo: Rainy Day by Ivar Olson