Christmas in Germany

The Most Powerful Woman in the World
Four years ago Nancy Pelosi declared herself the most powerful woman in the world. Yeah, right. Has anyone figured out just what the hell the woman is saying? Heres’ a person who can’t even answer a simple question without talking in circles. That’s what people do when 1. they are lying or 2. they are insane. You be the judge.

Nancy represents the second smallest Congressional district in the nation. The district has been carefully red lined around the largest gay community in the country. Not much diversity there. All Nancy has to do is keep the gay community happy and she’ll keep her job. That’s why she didn’t even bother to campaign before the last election.

Angela Merkel, the complete opposite of Pelosi, is a brilliant and powerful woman. Merkel got her Doctorate in Physical Chemistry and worked as a researcher. Pelosi got her B.A. in Political Science.

Germany is the world’s second largest exporter. The demand for German goods is coming from emerging markets. Germany is creating jobs and investment that create more tax revenue – which is driving the economy. Without Germany, the EU would already have crumbled.

When Angela talks, people listen.

Lately there are hints that Germany may break off from the EU. If anyone can pull it off, Merkel can. The EU is corrupt and has brought nothing but hardship for it’s members. The experiment in global governance has shown to be a grand failure.

Anyway, to help you get in the holiday spirit, enjoy a Christmas visit to Germany with Rick Steves: