Santa’s Secret Getaway

Santa Claus at the Arctic Circle
Santa Claus’ Village, is in the East of Lapland, on the Korvatunturi Fell, where he was first spotted in the 1920’s. The secluded area of Korvatunturi, impossible to reach by anyone else, is situated on the border between Finland and Russia.

Mrs. Claus lives there, and so do the elves that prepare the gifts. The Korvatunturi Fell is 483 metres (1,585 feet) high, and is the shape of an ear. With the unique shape of the fell, Santa can listen to all the children around the world.

As early as in the 1950’s Santa would often enjoy visiting the Arctic Circle near the town of Rovaniemi, not only on Christmas but all throughout the year, to visit both children and child-like. By 1985, his visits had become so regular that he founded his own village there. Today, his village includes Santa Claus’ Office and Santa Claus’ Main Post Office as well as the reindeer park nearby. 

Santa Claus comes to the Santa Claus Village every day of the year to listen to children’s wishes and to talk to people from all over the world.

 A great place for a sleigh ride.

Enjoy The Boston Pops – Sleigh Ride: