Super-Hero Granny


Four years ago, Sasha Goldberger was concerned that his 87 year old granny, Frederika, was feeling old and depressed.

According to Der Speigel, “Frederika Goldberger had run out of steam after an adventurous life. During World War II, she helped hide fellow Jews in Hungary, then set up her own textile firm after the war. Shortly thereafter, she fled the communists and emigrated to France. She had lived life to the full and had gone through four men in the process. But by the time she had reached her late eighties, she was bored and lonely, and a pale shadow of her former self.”

“I saw how she was feeling worse day by day,” Sasha said, recalling the time when his grandmother’s lust for life was ebbing away. “She often looked after me when I was a child. She was always funny, active, optimistic.”

One day Sasha took some photos of Frederika – using a few unusual props.

“At first she just did what I said during the shoots. She was like a marionette.” The unusual props might have had something to do with it. Goldberger had his granny pretend to be on the telephone — with a dildo as a receiver. “We went on using funny props. In one photo she used a pickle as a nail file, in another she ironed her dog,” says Goldberger.

And then the miracle happened. Goldberg posted the photos on his website. And because the feedback was so enthusiastic, he built a page on the social networking site MySpace for him and his Mamika. That’s when things really took off. Sacha and Frederika Goldberger started getting messages every day. “People were cheering her and saying they wished they had such a great granny.”

The second breakthrough came when Goldberger turned his Mamika into Super-Mamika. Before that, her fame had been largely confined to France, but when Goldberger put her in a superhero costume and photographed her in bizarrely aesthetic surroundings, all hell broke loose. Blogs all over the world told the story of Super-Mamika, showed Goldberger’s photos and linked to his web pages.

Now ‘Super-Mamika’ is famous and Hollywood wants to make a film about her. It’s an Internet fairytale.

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