The Return of Dallas

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The hit TV series, Dallas, is coming back to our TV screens – via cable network, TNT.

The popular TV show was the single reason people all over the world knew where Dallas, Texas, USA was.

In the late 70’s my husband and I went to England with two of our dearest friends who were from Texas. One evening we were having dinner at a London restaurant and were talking to an English couple who asked us where we were from. I told them I was from Los Angeles and they knew exactly where the California city was located on the map.  When my friend, Susan told them she was from Ft. Worth, Texas they drew blank and said they had never heard of it.

Who knew that just a couple of years later, In 1980, 83 million people around the world would tune in to see “who shot J.R” –  the most watched “non-finale” show in history.

Anyway, the gray-haired bunch will include Larry Hagman 79, Patrick Duffy 62, and Linda Gray 71, playing their original roles as JR, Bobby, and Sue Ellen Ewing. No word yet if Victoria Principal, Charlene Tilton or Steve Kanaly will return.

Texas Music
Nowhere but Texas could you have a hit song that’s actually a super bowl commercial for a grocery store, H-E-B. We call it Hebe. Enjoy Jack Ingram singing “You Can’t Spell Texas Without H-E-B: