Driving San Diego
Springtime is the perfect time for a drive through the green hills of San Diego County before they turn gold. Yesterday the temps were in the 80’s so we took a drive up to Mt. Palomar and stopped at the Santa Ysabela Casino for lunch. My dad enjoyed it because it gave him the opportunity have some fun on the slots. Not as exciting as Vegas, but he still had a good time.

Pop keeps threatening to find the car keys and drive to Vegas. Yeah, that’s all the people of California need – my 87 year old dad driving on the 15 headed north to Vegas.

The wild poppies were abundant this year thanks to all the rain we’ve had. The SF Chron had an article  about rattle snakes being abundant in California this year. Apparently, because of all the rain there is a lot more greenery for the rats. There are going to be a lot more rats, so there will be plenty of food for the snakes. Great.

We all know where the snakes are going to be this summer, don’t we? That’s right. My backyard. We have the tiniest backyard in the neighborhood and for some reason all the critters try to make it their home. Rattlers, rabbits and rats, oh my! Oh yeah, and the quail. Mr. and Mrs. Quail have built their nest up on the slope again. Can’t wait for the round up of the babies trying to get them on the other side of the fence.

In the meantime, I’ve loaded up the thumb drive with all my classical music, opened the sun roof on the car, took out a loan to fill up the gas tank and I’m ready to enjoy another spring drive on the highways and byways of San Diego.

Enjoy Vivaldi’s Spring performed by Julia Fischer:


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