Six Days of Cinco de Mayo

Old Town San Diego
Saturday was my brother’s birthday so we thought it would be fun to celebrate at The Old Town Mexican Cafe in – where else, Old Town. The popular tourist attraction is  always a little more crowded on weekends because locals join the tourists to enjoy the many restaurants within walking distance of each other. Parking is always a challenge, but usually if you don’t mind walking a few blocks, there is always enough street parking.

Not last night. Holy cow! I have never seen so many people at Old Town before. As for parking, the usually free lots were charging $10 to park. What the heck was going on? Well, it seems the business owners decided to cash in on cinco de Mayo on treinta de Abril. Great. Six days of cinco de Mayo.

Okay, time for plan B. To get away from the crowds on the east side of the freeway, we went to a favorite little fish place in Point Loma. Ahhh. A great view of the boats while watching the sun set on the Pacific and enjoying fresh fish from the Sea of Cortez. Oh yeah, and sharing a pitcher of ice cold beer. Perfect.

Enjoy Drunken Sailor by Raplje:

by Raplje: