China – Déjà vu All Over Again

The New and Improved Communist Party
There has been much in the news about the Chinese communist party turning 90. In celebration of the event, the party is forcing members to learn promoting “by any means necessary,” 45 red songs for everyone to learn, in hopes of replacing pop songs in the hearts of the people.

The mastermind of the current fervor that originated in China’s largest city, Chongqing, is Bo Xilai.  The communist party chief launched the “red song” campaign in 2008 to kick off the new Red Culture Movement.

According to Xinhua, The Chinese central government praised Bo’s red song movement as it took off like a rocket. Sing-a-longs were taking place everywhere, a movie-star packed feature film was released and prime time TV shows were suspended and replaced by classic revolutionary dramas and musicals.

To keep the momentum of the movement going, party chief Bo launched the public SMS “red word praise” campaign to encourage people to forward “red text” quotes from Chairman Mao.

The ultra-left Bo is madly ambitious and his supporters refer to him as “Mao Zedong reborn”.  On the occasion of Mao’s birthday in December of last year, the Maoists issued a “Notice to the People of the Whole Nation” announcing that they had already established a “Chinese Maoist Communist Party” and they want Bo Xilai to become the supreme leader of the Communist Party.

Whoa! We all know how the first Mao’s party ended.

Anyway, enjoy our favorite party song by the Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started: