I Love L.A.

Countdown to Carmageddon
The worst traffic I have ever been in was in Washington DC. But, according to Microsoft’s GPS spinoff, Inrix, Los Angeles tops the list of cities with the most congestion.

The worst bottleneck in L.A. is where the 405 meets the 101. Anyone who has driven this part of the freeway can quickly figure out that there are just too many cars and too few lanes. There. I could have saved the taxpayers billions on all the studies that have been done to come to the same conclusion.

The best solution would be to widen the canyon roads through the hills from the valley to the west side. The problem is the people who live in those hills have enough money to block any and all attempts to bring more cars through the canyons.

Anyway, the politicians – in all their wisdom, have decided to spend $1 BILLION to widen the freeway by adding ONE additional carpool lane. Yes, this is the land of the fruits and nuts and they all seem to run for office in our state.

Beginning on Friday evening, July 15 and ending at 5 a.m. Monday morning, the 405 will be completely shut down in both directions between the 101 and 10 freeways, for 53 hours! Oh, the humanity!

Every local radio DJ and TV newscaster has been warning everyone within broadcast distance to be prepared for – Carmageddon! In other words, it might be a good weekend to get some chores done around the house.

Welcome to L.A.

Enjoy Randy Newman singing – what else? I Love LA: