Change of Season

Autumn in Southern California
Now that tourist season is over, Californians have a chance to go to the beach, the zoo, and all the fun places that are too crowded to visit during the summer months. Time to take a little break before holiday season begins.

Have you noticed that the seasons seem to change later than they did 20 years ago? Here in San Diego summer doesn’t really get going until mid-July and the weather usually stays warm until the end of October. If the rainy season starts late we usually have a heat spell for a few days in November or December. But once the heat is over, we need the quilt on the bed until the end of June!

Anyway, even though it’s still warm and balmy, there are signs autumn is finally here. A golden leaf from the neighbor’s liquid amber tree fell in our yard. Sigh.

Enjoy Stacey Kent – ‘Tis Autumn: