Big Ships
The sinking of Carnival’s Costa Concordia cruise ship off the coast of Italy is a tragedy that might have been avoided if the ship were smaller and more agile. So much for bigger is better.

Why anyone would want to travel with more than 4,200 other people in a confined space is beyond me. Waiting in line like cattle to get on and off the ship is a dreary thought when you only have a limited time in each port.

Before the days of the mega-ships, cruising was relaxing and there was always a group of cruise mates who became your friends for life. The captain of the ship was accessible to all the guests at one time or another during the sailing.

Years ago my mom and I went on a cruise down to Puerto Vallarta for a week. We had a blast hanging out with our new “best friends” and continually got all the latest gossip about the crew, as well as our ship mates, from the concierge. I learned that the 5 young, attractive women at the captain’s table were his “girls” – if you know what I mean. I also learned that a ship has an upstairs/downstairs culture thing going on  – think Downton Abbey on steroids.

Anyway, as far as the Costa Concordia, we will have to wait to find out why the ship hit the rocks and how a chicken-shit pretty boy became a captain responsible for the lives of more than 4,200 people. Captain “Sully” Sullenberger he’s not.

In the meantime enjoy Matthew Sweet & Darius Rucker performing Sail on Sailor at the 2001 All-Star tribute to Brian Wilson: