Rock Star

The Rock Update
Here at Laundelles we’ve been waiting and watching for the final piece of Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass exhibit at LA County Museum of Art. See here and here.

It looks like our waiting is finally over. LACMA announced Friday that ‘The Rock’ will roll on Tuesday, Feb.28 at 11:00 pm. According to the route map, the first stretch will take it from the quarry to Granite Hill Drive along highway 60.

From L.A. County Supervisor, Zev Yaroslavky’s website:

“The route was finally settled back in October, but then problems arose as word leaked that this would be an unconventional shipment, and the haulers began to negotiate permits with the 21 cities and four counties through which The Rock required passage. Most communities were accommodating, but a handful raised multiple issues. At various points, intervention was required from members of the Board of Supervisors.”

According to LACMA, the rock will travel only at night, escorted by eight California Highway Patrol officers. During the day, it will be parked and watched over by four security guards. Its layovers, with one possible exception, will last only a day and most will be in the middle of various roadways, with space on either side for traffic to detour around it. The epic journey is expected to take nine or ten nights, traveling at less than 10 miles per hour.

Estimated time of arrival at LACMA is early Saturday morning on March 10. You can check the progress by calling the Rock hotline: 323-857-6262.

Enjoy Kiss performing, what else – I Want to Rock and Roll All Night: