The American Oil Boom

Things Are Looking Up
U.S. Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, uses a gas guzzling limo to attend conference where he tells us all we should be paying $8 per gallon for gas. Chu, along with the rest of the current administration, continues his mantra of the need to get off foreign oil. Really?

The US is sitting on shale reserves that will keep the lights on for the millions of government workers and every citizen for the next 100 years. In fact, according to the Financial Post, the US and Canada are in the midst of an oil boom!  After Russia, the U.S. has now become the largest non-OPEC crude oil producer in the world, followed by Canada.

So, instead of listening to the doom and gloom coming from the White House, let’s continue to keep America moving with real energy jobs and real resources as we continue on our path to sustainable energy.

Say goodbye to OPEC.

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