The 4th of July

The First American Revolution
In 1776 there were approximately 2.5 million people living in what we now call the United States of America.

The brave pioneers that came to these shores had escaped the ever-increasing political corruption in Britain. There, only the very wealthy and politically connected were land owners. The politicians were simply mouthpieces for the rich. Living conditions for the average Brit must have been pretty harsh to cause people to leave their families and go – sight unseen, to a place they had little, if any information. But the idea of being free of the oligarchy of Britain was very appealing.

After arriving in the new land the Brits set up 13 separate colonies – groups of like-minded people.  Each colony set up its own system of self-government that suited the people who lived there. The people still had to pay taxes to Britain, and at first, it wasn’t a problem.

But as time went by, Britain needed more money for its wars, so the Colonists had to cough up a lot more in taxes. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the “Stamp Act.” Every document used – which included contracts, newspapers and playing cards, had to have a paid-for, government stamp on it.

Paying taxes without having a say in what the politicians did with the money didn’t go over very well with the “American Brits” and they revolted. We all know how that ended and that is why we celebrate our independence from Britain on July 4th.

Today there are approximately 350 million Americans and once again, the politicians are getting more corrupt every day and we are being taxed on everything – even the air we breath. The very wealthy have undue influence on politicians and the citizens of this country are taxed or mandated to keep the corruption going. Will we have another revolution? Without a doubt, and the people will celebrate the second revolution.

In the meantime, enjoy Phil Vassar singing An American Child: