Red Rain

Red Rain in India May Have Alien Origin
From The Epoch Times:
A rare shower of red rain fell for about 15 minutes in the city of Kannur, Kerala, early on June 28. Local residents were perturbed, but this is not the first time the state has experienced colored rain.

This strange phenomenon was first recorded in Kerala a few hours after a meteor airburst in July 2001, when a space rock exploded in the atmosphere. More than 120 such rain showers were reported that year, including yellow, green, and black ones.

Scientific analysis showed the striking red coloration is due to microscopic particles resembling biological cells, possibly originating from comet fragments.

Of course the minute I read this article a picture of Peter Gabriel singing Red Rain popped into my head.

Gabriel and the 46-piece New Blood Orchestra sound amazing. When the old rockers bring in the strings and horns it’s like falling in love with rock all over again.

Enjoy Peter Gabriel & The New Blood Orchestra – Red Rain: