Photo by Chris Martin

Southwest ‪Monsoon‬
The summer monsoon we experience here in San Diego is part of the low pressure system over the desert in Arizona and part of southeast California that pulls tropical moisture north from the Sea of Cortez and the Gulf of Mexico.

In July and August many Zonies (folks who live in Arizona) drive west to San Diego to escape the heat.

This year’s monsoon has brought higher temps along the coast. It’s unusual for the beach to experience 80°F+ heat.

For the past week we’ve had to have the A/C on. Ugh. At 5AM this morning it was 70°F and the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife – kind of like being in the south in the summertime. On the plus side, it makes for great sunsets at the beach.

Enjoy the great Ella Fitzgerald – Summertime: