Google’s Brain

Teach Your Computer Well
Google Labs is the secretive part of Google that works on developing large scale projects relating to artificial intelligence and robotics.

The lab has created an artificial brain that uses 16,000 computer processors. The self-teaching “brain” was exposed to 10 million random digital images of YouTube video thumbnails. From the repetitive exposure to the images, the brain developed “concepts” from the most common pictures – faces, the  human body and cats.

Who knew there were so many pictures of cats on YouTube?

Even though the data fed into the computer is a small representation of all the images from Google searches, the computer, none the less, created a very simplified digital simulation of a human visual cortex. As a result, the computer came up with it’s own, very recognizable, image of a cat.

Amazing stuff.

Anyway, I got to thinking about the computer at the new NSA data center being built in Utah. The $2 billion dollar Quantum Computer, code-named Vesuvius, will be capable of executing more than an undecillion computations at once! That would take millions of years on your standard desktop.

Vesuvius will give the US government the world’s very first (I think it’s the first) all-knowing, omniscient, self-teaching artificial intelligence.

The computer will be fed vast amounts of complex data, including text, images, videos and sound. And, just like the Google computer, it will learn on its own.

In short time, the NSA computer will not only be able to predict the future, it will be able to completely reconstruct the human brain’s cognitive processes. We can only imagine what can be created. Remember, every person that has information, photos, accounts, etc. online, will have a file that grows exponentially as we use the internet, cell phones or cars. There will be enough information to practically create a clone of each and every one of us. It’s getting very weird very fast.

Once that genie is out of the bottle, we won’t be able to go back in time.

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