The Fall Equinox

Aurora Season
Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere. It’s the day we leave summer behind and move into fall. A great time for enjoying the outdoors! The heat wave has finally broken so we are enjoying dinner on the patio once again.

Because the monsoon effect is still hanging around we’ve had some fantastic sunrises and sunsets. Pink skies in the morning and gold and orange skies in the evening.

One thing we don’t get to see here in San Diego are the northern lights. But for those of you who live in the northern climes, it’s the beginning of aurora-watching season.

Spring and autumn are peak times for the auroras because geomagnetic storms – disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field (solar wind gusts and coronal mass ejections) are strongest around the time of the two equinoxes.

There should be some fantastic light shows over the next several weeks as we  approach the peak of an 11-year cyclical in solar activity. Time for a road trip up to Canada.

Enjoy Jose Feliciano – Light My Fire: