In the Garden

in the garden

Greenhouse Gases
Carbon dioxide is one of the essential ingredients in green plant growth and more home gardeners are buying CO2 generators for their greenhouses than ever before. CO2 is now considered the nutrient of the new millennium.

When you increase the CO2 level in your greenhouse, plants produce more sugars and carbohydrates. The result is plants flower earlier, you get higher fruit yields, and plant are stronger. The benefits of supplementing carbon dioxide in gardens has been well understood by scientists and growers for many years.

Why have Al Gore and the United Nations pushed so hard to make us think carbon dioxide is bad? Simple. Money. Carbon trading is just another Wall Street scam. They’ve run out of ways to get your money so they now want to tax the air with carbon offsets.

So who are you going to believe? Al Gore, who made tens of millions when he sold his share of the Chicago Climate Exchange, or a farmer who works hard to get the best yield from his crops?

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