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tsunamis, Volcanoes and Earthquakes! Oh, my!
The past few years have seen an increase in large magnitude earthquakes along the Pacific Rim. In fact, just a few days ago there was a magnitude 8.0 earthquake in the Solomon Islands, east of Papua New Guinea that killed several people and damaged many homes.

The devastating tsunami in Indonesia in 2004 was caused by a 9.0 earthquake. In 2010 Chile had an 8.8 and in 2011 New Zealand had a destructive 8.8 quake. And who can forget Fukushima?

We’ve been having some substantial shakers on this side of the Pacific, too.

Last April we had a 6.9 off the Gulf of California, Guatemala had a 7.5, and right here, off Catalina Island, we had a 6.3 in December. Scientists remind us we are entering a period of active plate tectonics. The Indo-Australian plate is tearing in two and is pushing against the Pacific plate.

If you think an earthquake in the South Pacific couldn’t possibly affect the central United States – think again. Watch the effect here:

In the meantime, enjoy Adele – Set Fire To The Rain: