Banking Mafia Steals Cypriots Money


What Would Tony Soprano Do?
If Tony Soprano had his money in a Cyprus bank and found out the banking cartel had stolen 10% of it without telling him, what do you think Tony would do?

Poor little bankers needed other people’s money to pay off their gambling debts(derivatives). They couldn’t borrow the money so they just took it from people who were dumb enough to think their money was safe in a government sanctioned bank.

Now, if you’ve ever watched The Sopranos, you know that any thugs who tried to steal from Tony Soprano paid a price for their crime. Sometimes they had their knee caps broken with a baseball bat, and sometimes they ended up  at the bottom of the Hudson River wearing cement shoes. Justice, Soprano style.

Alas, Tony Sopranos is only a fictional TV character. The real gangsters/banksters will simply continue to sit on their yachts drinking champagne while trying to figure out how to get ALL of the people’s money. So much for justice.

Enjoy the opening theme of The Sopranos – Woke Up This Morning by Alabama 3: