Make a Difference


Ben Affleck on $1.50 Per Day
Ben Affleck is a good guy. Three years ago he founded the Eastern Congo Initiative which helps provide economic and social development opportunities for the people of Eastern Congo.

For the past two decades the people of Congo have been caught up in a perpetual civil war brought about by power struggles, corruption and fights over land and resources.

In spite of billions of dollars in foreign aid pouring into the country each year, the U.S. alone provided $700 million for the DRC in 2012, thousands are still starving.

In order to bring attention to the severe conditions in East Congo, Ben and some of his friends have a challenge for you. The Live Below the Line Challenge is a five-day event where participants agree to spend a maximum of $1.50 a day on food and hydration. In addition, they also encourage you to make a donation to one of a handful of poverty-focused charities shown on the website.

If you would like to join the challenge which begins on April 29, go to: Live Below the Line campaign.

After the challenge join Jimmy Buffett  with a Cheeseburgers in Paradise: