Cali Costco Carries Mexican Coke


The Real Coca-Cola is Back
The recipe for Coca Cola was invented in 1886 by Colonel John Pemberton of the Confederate Army. When he was severely wounded in battle, Pemberton was given morphine for the pain and like so many other soldiers, he became addicted to the drug. Being a pharmacist by trade, the Colonel was determined to create a medicine to counteract his addiction.

Using cola nuts and Damiana – what we know today as “black mamba”, Pemberton created his signature French Wine Coca drink. When the temperance movement began, the alcohol had to be replaced with something else, so after some trial and error the syrup was mixed with carbonated water creating the perfect fountain drink and, as they say, the rest is history.

In the 1980’s I stopped drinking Coke because the taste changed. At the time I didn’t know the bottling companies here in the U.S. had replaced the cane sugar with high fructose corn syrup – a result of high tariffs on imported sugar and government subsidies for U.S. corn growers.

Recently we’ve been able to get Coke made with cane sugar in local Mexican restaurants. Then last week, I was at Costco and they were selling Mexican Coke in bottles, by the case! Yep, I put a case in the cart right next to my case of diet iced tea!

After consuming all that sugar and caffeine we’ll all be bouncing around like Justice Crew.
Enjoy the boys from Oz performing Boom Boom: